Our Mission

Questa exists to help growing and established companies with defining, building and testing their next big idea. Additionally, with over 20 years working on the future of work, worker behaviors and workplace, we have a unique specialization in leveraging space to drive experiences for customers, employees and students.

Why work with us

We believe in honest collaboration to help you realize your goals

  • Building and sustaining great relationships
  • Driving strategy, project definition, and team development
  • Results oriented saving you time and money
  • Leadership of projects and people
  • Designing and operating experience-based businesses
Danielle galmore - founder
Leading High Impact Teams

Kellogg School of Management

User Centered Design & Design Thinking Accreditation

Curriculum: IDEO and Steelcase

Experience Economy Expert Certification

Strategic Horizons - Authors of The Experience Economy

Sandler Foundations Sales Training

Sandler Training

Danielle is a business designer and strategist with over 20 years of experience leading teams to implement growth strategies. As an intrapreneur for large Fortune 500 companies, Danielle worked on designing and implementing new business. In that work, Danielle built strong teams and tested all areas of a business before scaling to ensure they had full understanding of mitigated risk.

Using innovation and design thinking principles and practices, Danielle helps companies prototype and launch products, services, and programs. She works with executives from mid-sized companies to form alignment on a vision and then organize that work into day-to-day tasks and new innovation projects. 

Additionally, Danielle works on partnership initiatives with corporations, has helped form joint-ventures, and served as the relationship manager on M&A activities. As a strong relationship builder, she has formed a team for Questa through affiliations, partners, and collaborations with a strong group of consultants.

Now, she and her associates work together to bring the right talent to each customer's needs, implement the right solutions, and realize the vision.


A Few Words ...

“Danielle is one of the most accomplished team collaborators I have encountered in my business career. Her open and friendly manner belies a fierce determination to make sure that strategies are set, and tasks are accomplished in a timely manner. In addition, because of her keen eye for detail and ability to clearly articulate ideas, Danielle is a great brainstorming partner. Working together as external consultants, it has been gratifying to seamlessly blend our individual knowledge, skills and experiences with our clients’ needs and particular corporate cultures.”

Eduardo Alvarez
Change Leadership | Executive Coaching
Our People

Partners and Collaborators; aligned to bring you what you need for any project.

Workplace Consulting

A blend of human, digital and experiential elements to drive enhanced value from clients workplace, and manage the future of work.

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Innovation Services

We design, test, and build new businesses within established companies to monetize the next big idea. We can guide you from concept ideation to prototyping to implementation and beyond.

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